Sultan Pension

As two cousins, we used to see tourists coming to our village in our childhood. A German agency would come and camp in our village between April and October. We used to go to them and help them. We said, “These people come here and make money, why don’t we do it?” and in 1986 we opened a tea house. In 1992, we started this business by establishing a guesthouse.

We did very good work between 1986 and 2000. The diversity in the area was huge. Bird watchers, nature photographers, scientists, documentary filmmakers from various parts of the world carried out beautiful works in the area.

Built in 1986, the dam showed its impact in 2000. There was a decade-long drought due to unconscious agricultural practices and reduced rainfall. As the Sultan pension team, we witnessed these processes firsthand. We took our visitors to places where there was a handful of water and tried to please them.

After 2009, with the opening of the Gıcık Tunnel and the increase in rainfall, Sultan Reeds returned to its former state. With the return of the reeds, our visitors started to increase again. Sultan Pension team overcame this process with a clean, honest and courageous attitude and is proud to serve you.